Church Concert & Street Parade:

When Riverside City Band has played on festivals or in Jazz clubs all over the country, we have often been asked from the attendances, if we are playing in churches to concerts. Until now we have said no I am sorry– because it was not included in. We have therefore made research and according to this, we are of the opinion that the market interests for gospels and spirituals are quite great. So after long time and many enquiries we have now made a repertoire including marches, blues, love songs, gospels and spirituals, going from silent numbers to more spirited, but soundly always accommodated to the church where we are playing in.
Time of the concert app. 60-75 min.





WATCH VIDEOCLIP - from YouTube - Riverside City Band's Church Concert
in Faaborg Church, Odense, August 2007:


Nyborg Cathedral.  January 2004                  Faaborg Church - August 2007       

Music critic:  
The New Year Concert in Nyborg Cathedral” was a wonderfully musicale experience, as well for undersigned as for the public. Very fine adapted to the acoustic in the church room Riverside City Band guided us through an alternated and well prepared programme, accompanied by the stories telling the history of the slaves and their Christianize faith.
Claus Tolstrup, organist in Nyborg Cathedral, Denmark


Riverside Street Paraders:

Fotos: Henny Johansen.









Since springtime 2002 Riverside City Band has had a very fruitful cooperation with The City Association in Odense City.
We have been acting as Street Parade Orchestra with funny and happy ingredients in the pedestrian streets – or on small scenes- open air- or the big Amphi Theatre behind Brandt Museum of Art in the City centre of Odense. As Street parade Orchestra we are all common dressed, but in The City Centre we are dressed in white jump-suits with The City Centre logo on. 
Furthermore we have done
Street Parade in others towns such as
Vejle, Esbjerg, Silkeborg, Sønderborg, Svendborg, Kerteminde, Middelfart, Korsør with more.